Time Since 8 July 2010: Years Days Hours Mins Secs


The time counter at the top of the page shows the amount of time that has passed since BPU made the decision to discriminate against me based on my enlistment in the Kansas Air National Guard when they terminated my employment on 8 July 2010.

The dollar amount counter is based on the report by Dr. Gary Baker of Washburn University. Dr. Baker's numbers are considered a conservative estimate due to the uncertainty of BPU's medical coverage value (possibly much higher than estimated) and the availability of even more overtime than calculated. Click here to read his report.

To arrive at the number listed, we took the amount Dr. Baker calculated to be future lost earnings from wages and benefits, based on my replacement employment income ($960,146.00 -- while the $25,000.00 was the estimated alternative starting wage amount I could have expected to earn when I received my degree, it was also the starting wage for my position at the animal shelter). This was divided by the number of years from December 2013 to December 2028 (when I would reach retirement age of 67), then divided years into weeks, weeks into days, days into hours, hours into minutes, and finally, minutes into seconds. At the end of this calculation, the amount of loss is $.002 per second; this was set into the counter to update by two cents every ten seconds. Because I have decided that my new employment with Honeywell FM&T is as close to an acceptable replacement employment as I am going to find in the area I elected to stop the counter at 9 October 2017, my start date with Honeywell FM&T.

On top of this amount was added $318,082.00 -- this was losses calculated as of the report date of 3 December 2013, going back to 9 July 2010, and decreased by the amount of the settlement reached ($20,000.00).

This totals an estimated loss of $175.85 every 24 hours for the time period listed. The impact of BPU's lies and cowardice, coupled with the Department of Labor's failure to adequately investigate my USERRA case really comes to light when presented in this manner.

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