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A "Sob Story?"

Sometimes a page just seems to write itself.

Over a year ago someone who got their job at BPU based more on who he knew (actually, who he was related to) more than what he knew decided to start trolling my posts on some social media pages. Keep in mind he doesn't even have enough testicular fortitude to post that he even works at BPU:

He dismissed my story, and thought I needed to "move on" but NEVER disputed a thing I posted. It was really humorous to hear him call me a "disgruntled former employee" - this sounded all too familiar. I figured out from my street team why it sounded familiar later. Click the image to the right to see the entire post:

Flash forward just about a year later -- guess what was sent to me? The coward that commented about my "sob story" was posting his own "sob story" to an equally-cowardly BPU Board member:

So let me get this story straight: I post something critical of the GM (with volumes of PROOF) and it's a "sob story", but you post it, and it's not? It would be funny if it wasn't so sad, we're actually in agreement on the fact that Johnson doesn't deserve what he's being paid, especially when he negotiated a bigger pay increase for himself than he would ever negotiate for the rank-and-file (even those who don't deserve it). Bryant has "no remorse" because Bryant has no spine - he is one of the Board members that knew Johnson had a FEDERAL COURT JUDGMENT against him and not only voted to hire him as GM but also voted to retain him with a big salary increase. That judgment cost BPU to "pay off" someone that was wrongfully terminated; specifically for someone who took the rare stand these days to serve in the armed forces, something neither Bryant, Johnson, or our troll-poster ever did or ever will - and all he wanted was to work at BPU and continue to serve at the same time.
So hypocritical - but after a report from The Mole it all made sense (especially the whole "disgruntled" thing):

Remember, this is the one who wants us to "stand united" -- as long as she doesn't have to actually take a stand.

Like I said, sometimes the page writes itself.

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