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168 Days: Karma, Baby!

By Ken Snyder

Even in death BPU supervision is good at hiding.


Remember Eric "Wibby" Clark? The guy that was front-and-center in the discrimination debacle? He and I now have something in common: neither of us got to retire from BPU. On 3 August 2021 Eric bit the dust, a victim of Covid-19.

A BPU trouble crew was working near my house, and I thought I would stop by and visit them. As we started up a conversation I asked about Clark, since at one time he was one of the supervisors over trouble crews. To my surprise they said that Eric died of Covid. I told them how Eric was one of the top people involved in my discrimination case. They didn't seem surprised.

clarkAfter hearing about this, I decided to stop by and "pay my respects" - the twelth anniversary of the ambush termination meeting with Clark, Johnson, and DeLeon was fast approaching, and Mount Moriah Cemetery is conveniently between where I work and home. So on 8 July 2022 I took a small detour. Much to my surprise I found that nearly after a year he started his dirt nap there still isn't a marker on his final resting place. At first I thought about emptying my bladder, but he wasn't worth that much effort.

Some might say I'm cruel, what about his family, what about his friends? Had they endured what I have endured; more importantly, what my family has endured most wouldn't have had the self-control I've shown -- they would have went back on 9 July 2010 and cleaned house with a handful of 30-round magazines. Not a one of my critics have done what I had to do to make sure my family survived: five deployments over the span of seven years, two of which happened after my wife was permanently disabled (leaving her in the care of others), unemployment without being able to draw benefits, under-employment once I completed my degree program, black-balled from any meaningful employment in town (thanks to the less-than-six-month stint at BPU) among other slights. I will consider their feelings just about as soon as Wibby considers mine.

At this point we're slowly crawling out of the abyss that was caused by these liars and cowards. By the time I finally retire I might be in a position close to what I would have been had Clark, Johnson, Deleon, Wonnell and Sieve-Wilson shown an ounce of integrity, but I'll be at least seven to ten years closer to a plot myself.


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