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168 Days: Now Where Are They?

By Ken Snyder

Since it's been a while since the "Where Are They Now?" page was updated (and since there have been some interesting changes) I thought I'd post a page with the latest:


Now this is the biggest joke of all.
As I predicted in 2014 (in an early version of "Where Are They Now?", see proof here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140909201813/http://www.bpu168days.info/watn.htm) "Big Bill" was selected to replace Don Gray as the General Manager of BPU. Someone who has a FEDERAL COURT JUDGMENT against them for employment discrimination in their previous BPU position now has the final say in employment decisions at BPU. THE perfect example of "it's not what you know, it's who you know".


As far as I can tell he's still allowed to supervise at BPU -- that shows another case of the same mentality that allowed Johnson to rise to the position of BPU GM.


Now THIS is a dandy!
Sometime in late 2018 DeLeon was dismissed from his position as the HR Director. BPU kept it really quiet, but in September of 2019 they hired his replacement. I was told the reason for his departure was some hanky-panky in the HR department. The person responsible for orchestrating/coaching Clark on how to falsify an evaluation about me, and most likely responsible for the pencil-whipped evaluations in Dunn's record got caught breaking the rules -- man, karma is a bitch, huh? His hanky-panky partner is still working at BPU. I won't mention the name, but they were involved in my discrimination case as well. Last known location was with The Kincaid Group in Lawrence.


Seems to have fallen off the grid, but his cowardly ass is getting to suck up those good BPU retirement benefits -- thanks to his daddy getting him that BPU job.


This coward is also living the good life of a BPU retiree. Nice new truck, I wouldn't own one, but maybe it allows you to haul enough extra baggage to forget your past.


This coward has retired as well, and dropped the sham living conditions over by KU Med Center for his real residence in eastern Jackson County, Missouri - like another BPU employee I discovered.


Definitely has a full liplock on Clark's backside, and because BPU contracts out the majority of their new construction these days the remaining Traffic Signal Shop members spend the bulk of their time shining seats in the shop with their asses -- you rarely see their trucks away from the Service Center.


Here's another gem: when she failed in an election to secure a judge's position (by using her family name) she was appointed to a vacant judge's position. Now we're stuck with her ethically-challenged self on the bench in WyCo.


After being appointed by Brownback to his judge's position he's been retained (as if judges ever get non-retained) and he's started to act as a preacher in Gardner, Kansas -- that's enough to make me nauseous.


Appears to still be working for the federal government, and as I said before I hope it's in a position he wants to actually work at -- unlike he did at DOL-VETS.

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